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The best way to start your project is to have a consultation with us on site. At this time we will walk with you around the garden and establish your brief and a scope of works. We will also discuss your design ideas and any project constraints or concerns you may have. We will provide preliminary advice on plants, design materials, project delivery options and any necessary authorities required. Once we have done this, we will prepare a Return Brief which outlines everything we discussed at the meeting and which we will send to you. The fee for this visit and the return Brief is $275.00  payable at the time of visit.






Once we have established the brief for your project, we will give you a fee proposal. The fee proposal will set out the scope of works, with a lump sum amount for each deliverable item or stage in the design process. It will outline any staged works and will include a table of hourly rates for additional  works carried out beyond the agreement. Once you have agreed and signed, we can begin the design work for you and start on the  Concept Design or Preliminary Sketch Plan (PSP).




Most projects will require a scaled digital survey drawing of the building and site. This provides accurate details about existing trees, grading, levels and other constructed elements. Once you have provided us with this, we can begin the design process. We will come to the site, measure, photograph and document any existing features and start designing based on your brief and any site constraints. This preliminary concept plan is hand drawn and will indicate planting, spatial and functional arrangements. The concept plan gives you an idea of what your project will look like and how it will function. We will present this to you at a scheduled meeting and once approved by you, we can move on to the Landscape Plan or Final Sketch Plan (FSP).







Following your approval of the concept plan (PSP), we will draft up the Landscape plan or FSP.

If you choose to have a full documentation package to go to Tender, we can then prepare the construction documentation, which can be as comprehensive as suits your needs and project requirements.

The package includes some or all of the following;- 

  • Site plan

  • Demolition plan

  • Setout plan

  • Planting plan

  • Materials and plant pallette

  • Specifications and; 

  • Construction details 

This documentation will be in digital form and will indicate all information required by the contractor to construct your project, including new levels construction details, planting plan and schedule, additional specification notes and a cost schedule





We can provide contract administration services for all or part of any works to be carried out by others (sub- contractors) e.g. We will act as your agent to liaise with the contractor . We will perform site visits to ensure the work is carried out as specified in the drawings and to administer the client / contractor agreement. We can assist the contractor with additional design direction and collaborate on relevant decisions. 

Contract administration fees are charged at hourly rates and are based on the following;

  • Assistance with tender queries and assessment

  • Pre-contract meeting with preferred contractor

  • Inspections to ensure design intent is achieved in accordance with documentation & client satisfaction (incl. handover)

  • Consolidation period inspection to ensure all aspects of landscape construction are satisfactory

  • Any additional meetings/site visits



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